Post Docs & Graduate Students

Post Docs

Picture of Dr. Jing Xie

Dr. Jing Xie


Ph.D in progress

Picture of Juan Carlos Nieto Fuentes

Juan Carlos Nieto Fuentes

2016, “Adiabatic shear”, OUTCOME program
Picture of Longhui Zhang

Longhui Zhang

2015, “Adiabatic shear”. (co-advisor Prof. S. Osovski)
Picture of Oren Rijensky

Oren Rijensky

2013, “A study of wave slamming on composite Al-Polyurea plates”. Direct track
Picture of Rafi Fadida

Rafi Fadida

2016, “Printed materials”. (co-advisor Dr. A. Shirizly)
Picture of Yonatan Rotbaum

Yonatan Rotbaum

2015, “Sound attenuation in soft matter”

M.Sc in progress

Picture of Adam Godinger

Adam Godinger

2016, “Ballistic behavior of confined glasses”, co-advisor Dr. A. Dorogoy
Picture of Daniel Levy

Daniel Levy

2016, “Dynamic behavior of 3D printed titanium alloy lattices”, co-advisor Dr. A. Shirizly
Picture of Dvir Blumer

Dvir Blumer

2014, “Impact of transparent ceramics with controlled microstructure"
Picture of Gleb Gil Goviazin

Gleb Gil Goviazin

2018, The mechanical properties of weld-3D printed materials
Picture of Maayan M. Vana Israeli

Maayan M. Vana Israeli

2017, “Fracture toughness of advanced ceramics”
Picture of Nofar Daloya

Nofar Daloya

2014, “Failure of a brittle polymer”. (co-advisor Dr. A. Sides)

M.E. in progress

Picture of Bat-El Yefa

Bat-El Yefa

2017, “Cavitation in composite materials”.