Post Docs & Students

Post Docs

Picture of Sagi Chen

Sagi Chen

Picture of Tamas Rev

Tamas Rev

2020, Mechanics of composite material


Picture of Oren Rijensky

Oren Rijensky

2013, A study of wave slamming on composite Al-Polyurea plates


Picture of Aharon Zaritzky

Aharon Zaritzky

2020, Ultra high strain rate failure of electromagnetically expanding cylinders
Picture of BatHen-Varfman


2020, Mechanics of methylcellulose gels
Picture of Daniel Vilyatser

Daniel Vilyatser

2018, The fracture mechanics of laminated composites
Picture of Gleb Gil Goviazin

Gleb Gil Goviazin

2018, The mechanical properties of weld-3D printed materials
Picture of Orel Guetta

Orel Guetta

2019, Modelling the mechanical behavior of thermo-reversible gels
Picture of Tzach Nachmann

Tzach Nachmann

2018, "The fracture of carbon based composites"

Undergraduate final project

Picture of Amit S. Shavit

Amit S. Shavit

2020, Biocorrosion of dental implants
Picture of Itay Levin

Itay Levin

2020, The adiabatic shear localization physics
Picture of Linoy Swissa

Linoy Swissa

2020, Gel mechanics
Picture of Moshe Shamir

Moshe Shamir

2020, Biocorrosion of dental implants
Picture of Yair Elbaz

Yair Elbaz

Picture of Yuval Danino

Yuval Danino

2020, Investigates static shear localization